Saving for the new Church building… “Units Count”

Our prayer is that the new church building will be a tool through which many will come to know the Lord Jesus – and a place where many others grow in Him. Ten years of work and prayer have resulted in planning permission and the construction beginning. We praise God!

To finish saving for the new building, from 1st October 2017, we have 400 remaining “units” to save for. Each “unit” is worth £3000. This page is to keep a record of where we have got to in this final building-challenge together!

Units covered so far:


Target Units:


Last updated: 9th Jun 2019

Please click here for a printable form to let Paul B. know if you would like to give further to the building project.


Some of us were away on the day that Andy explained about “units” and gave us an overview of the story so far… some of us just wanted to hear and see it again – so we’ve made a movie for you!

Last updated: 28th Jan 2019

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