Sunday Services

  • Oakhall Church – LIVE event recorded – 29th March 2020

    On the 29th March, we held our first LIVE online church event. Here is the recording of that stream! We meet again next Sunday evening live at 6pm. All information about how to connect will be here on the Oakhall Church site.



  • Sunday Night – Oakhall Church Live.

    This Sunday evening at 6pm we are going live using “Zoom”: a great approach to meeting online!

    How do I get to join in?
    1) At about 5:50pm on Sunday, click this link:
    2) If you’ve not used “Zoom” before it will install to your mobile or computer. When asked, give it permission to use your video and audio!
    3) Using the icons in the top right corner of your screen, choose, “speaker view”.
    4) You will now be able to see others in the church and they will be able to see you…
    5) At 6pm we will share a meeting with music, Bible study and prayer… 

    What if someone has no computer or Smartphone?
    If you are in touch with a friend who doesn’t have a computer or smartphone, ask them to dial this number: 
    0208 0806592

    when prompted they can enter our meeting code: 

    This will allow them to hear the event live along with the rest of us.

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Sunday Morning Meeting 29th March 10:30am

    Join us for our Sunday morning event! Welcome!

  • Family Resources for Sundays

    To access Family Resources for our Sunday morning meeting of the 29th click HERE

  • Ecclesiastes 11-12:8 with Dan Hubbard

    Sunday 22nd March – evening