Small Group Meetings this Week….


2.45pm – Bryan Bignall’s small group at 3 Longmead Close.

8.00pm – Youth Group ‘Feed your soul’ at The Oaks. 57 Tupwood Lane.

8.00pm – Dave Bryden’s small group at 14 Whyteleafe Road

8.00pm – Steve & Janet Swan’s group at 6 Ryelands Close

8.00pm – Steve & Carol Bacon’s group at 4 Badgers Walk, Whyteleafe

8.00pm – Dave & Katy Hughes’ group at 4 Bradenhurst Close.


8.00pm – Andy & Faye Mayo’s small group at 2 The Heath.


8.00pm – Andy & Maureen Diggins’ small group at 77 Ragland Road, Reigate.

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