Prayer on the site of the new building… construction begins this week. 2

This Sunday, we met on the building site to give thanks for the provision of this land, to pray for the construction team as they begin work this week… and to pray that the result of the use of this new tool will be much blessing for our town of Caterham!

As well as praying together, we sang of God’s strength and power – and of our reliance on Him.

Here’s a glimpse of our time together!

This week, the building firm have moved onto the site and construction is beginning.

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2 thoughts on “Prayer on the site of the new building… construction begins this week.

  • Susan Stacey

    Do you have a schedule of work? As a neighbour end of Homestead Road it would be nice to know what noise and type of activity ie heavy concrete breaking. Thought demolition had been done. Glad things at last moving, when do the builders envisage outside structure to be completed? Thank you.

    • Oakhall Church Post author

      Thank you, Susan.

      Yes, so sorry that it has been noisy in these first two weeks. The concrete base had to be broken up for the fresh one that has to be laid… This breaking work is just about finished now.

      The total construction project should be complete in 18 months. For most of this time, it shouldn’t be as noisy as those first days. Thank you for your patience and support – we do look forward to opening a welcoming front door before the end of next year…