The Oaks sale – praising God for His perfect timing and perfect provision!

27th July 2018 – Wonderful news: after much prayer, the buyer of the Oaks has finally completed the transaction, paying in full.

The delay has caused us again to be deeply aware of our reliance on God in this massive project. We have seen our own vulnerability and need of God’s intervention at each step.

We are grateful for God’s loving care in shaping our hearts so that even when entrusted with the massive resource of the new building – we will be a church family who are trusting in Him.

God’s provision for His work is a beautiful interlocking of events and opening of doors that we could not control.

We have been working on the project of selling the Oaks for about four years. At any stage during this time, it could have been sold. It could even have taken another three or four years. In fact if the completion had been just one month later, we may have had to pause the construction of the new building. If it had been a month earlier, we would not have had the use of the Oaks right up to the summer break.

As He leads and provides, we see God’s Sovereignty, generosity and commitment to honour His Name.

The second part of Ephesians 1:11 speaks of: “the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will”.

We are seeing this among us these days! We praise Him and pray on together.

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