Oakhall Church Building Bulletin – 12th January 2014

Architects Appointed

After contacting seven architectural firms and interviewing three of them, we have appointed GDM architects from Maidstone to develop the design of the new church building.

For most of Friday 10th January, our “building operations” team went through the requirements that we have for the new building with the architects. We took them to the site of Garrod House and also showed them the sites around Caterham that we use at the moment for our many Oakhall Church events.




Over the next months, GDM architects will be working on the design and bringing their ideas back to us. Please pray for them as they work!


Appointing more Professionals

Over the next few days we will also be inviting others to work alongside us: structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, acoustic engineers… and others. Please pray that the right people would join us to complement this professional team.


“We are praying for YOU”

One of the families near the building said on Friday, “We are looking forward to you being in the new building here. We are praying for you!” We praise God for such wonderful neighbours and pray we will be a blessing to them!


Please click here for a printable version of this bulletin.

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