Oakhall Cafe Identity & Justice

Graham: had been a police officer for several years when his eldest child was born. As a man committed to upholding the law he became aware of his need for Jesus unexpectedly when he went to a local vicar to see whether his son could be baptised.  It was only then that he realised being a good cop was not enough to meet the demands of God’s justice.

Simon: After 23 years as a policeman Simon turned to a life of organised crime, chasing money with on limit.  But it was only when his life was transformed by Jesus that he found true peace.  Simon is a dad who went from enforcing the law to breaking it and had murder on his heart when God stepped in and rescued him.

Graham and Simon are guests for  our café event on the Sunday morning and will  share their stories of how a good cop and a bad cop both need Jesus.


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