Welcome to Oakhall’s Daily Reader!

At Oakhall, we are excited about the Bible! We are excited to have a church-wide opportunity to read through the Bible in 2012. If you consistently read through the Bible every year, great! You can be a real blessing to those of us who struggle to do so, or have never tried before. If you are less confident, why not jump in and make this the year? The aim is to spend time reading the Bible. It’s not about ticking boxes or feeling pressured or guilty. Reading the Bible is not our duty, it is our delight!

For a reading plan for 2012, please click this link: Daily Reader – reading plan

Reading Plan:

We have an Oakhall reading plan designed especially for us. It will take us through the OT and the NT throughout the year, but the order of the books is fresh. You don’t have to follow the plan provided, but each month this sheet will include introductions to the books that will start in the next month, so those who follow the reading plan will find more encouragement through the year. To receive this update by e-mail, you can subscribe to the site using the “subscribe” box on the right.

Audio Bible:

Some don’t find reading easy, others spend a lot of time commuting. Why not get the Bible on MP3 or CD and listen? The original recipients were almost all hearers rather than readers!

Encouragement Partner?

It can be hard to make the journey alone. As a church we’ll encourage each other, but we suggest you ask someone specific to be your encouragement partner. We suggest you plan to check in with each other once a week, perhaps by email, phone or in person. It is much easier to keep going when someone specifically cares that you do.

For a reading plan for 2012, please click this link: Daily Reader – reading plan