New Building

We continue to pray and actively work towards establishing a new "home" for Oakhall Church in Caterham.  As news breaks, we share it here...

Today we will take 5 minutes to pray for the Theology 101 course that is about to start in a week. We pray that the participants will grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Gospel and we pray that this will lead to their love for Christ  flourishing. We […]

5 for 50 Day 12

Today we are praying for humility. For us as a church to increase in our humility. For us to value others over ourselves. ‘Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves’ Philippians 2 vs 3

5 for 50 Day 7

We’re praying today for the marriage courses. That couples who join this course share a biblical love for each other. We pray for the leaders to have the wisdom and knowledge to coach these couples. We pray that these couples share in their love for Jesus Christ our Saviour. “Therefore […]

5 for 50 Day 5

We are praying today for our Urban Saints 11-14yr old group. Pray that they would choose to walk with Jesus in their lives and that the light of Jesus shines through them to all their friends and families. As they meet together tonight, let’s take 5 minutes to commit them […]

5 for 50 Day 4