Sermons online from Oakhall Church

Here at Oakhall Church in Caterham, we record nearly all of our meetings so that we can listen again or catch up on events that we missed…  A lot of us find it helpful to hear talks more than once so that we can mull over the implications for our own lives.

You can listen, just by clicking on the links below, or in the indexes below.  You can also download the .mp3 file to your phone or another device to listen to off-line.  If you need any help with this, please just ask one of the sound team after the morning service. 

Feel free to tune in with us![Valid RSS]

  • Probably the best way to listen to the talks on line is through MyChurchSuite, just log in and go to ‘My Podcast’.  MyChurchSuite has a great feature: you can listen to one talk but also see the whole series linked together.  If you don’t yet have a login on MyChurchSuite, please just pop your details in the box on the right and we can set you up.
  • Click here to listen in iTunes – if you have an Apple device or an iTunes account, this is an easy way to tune in to the library of talks… you can simply subscribe to this…
  • Click here to access the full library of over 800 recordings in your browser.  This will work with most browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc.), however there are additional search and filtering functions available if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • An RSS feed is also available for those who use this.
  • The library is also linked into Crosspreach which is a website that has sermons from many churches similar to our own.

The most recent Oakhall Church, Caterham Recordings:

To access the full library of over 800 recordings, click here.  This will work with most browsers, however sorting and filtering is easiest in Internet Explorer.