“Growing Leaders” – Oakhall Church Leadership Development Programme


After visits from Chris Short and David Jackman, this new series of studies, “Understanding Leadership” will help us continue to grow.

Not a Leader?

If you’re not currently involved in leadership, this will be a useful and inspiring series with principles to be applied across our lives… it may also inspire you to take new steps of leadership.

Already a Leader?

With so many of us already involved in leadership – from working with the children to heading up small groups, our prayer for these special events is that we would all grow as leaders…

Meeting at “The Oaks”, at 8pm, these will be relaxed and interactive sessions together.

The course materials cost just £3.

Understanding Leadership – Series Outline

Mon 01 June 2015:

SESSION #1: Facing the Challenge & Meeting the Mark

Mon 22 June 2015:

SESSION #2: Living the Life & Keeping the Balance

Mon 06 July 2015:

SESSION #3: Leading the People & Working with teams

Mon 07 Sept 2015:

SESSION #4: Dealing with People & Mobilising others

Mon 21 Sept 2015:

SESSION #5: Coping with Pressure & Growing more Leaders

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