COVID-19 Updates

  • Community Help for the Vulnerable in Caterham-on-the-Hill & Chaldon

    During this current crisis, we want to make sure that people are cared for and looked after.

    Caterham Foodbank

    Get Help – If you are in immediate need of food and qualify for a food parcel you can visit our local Foodbank to receive a food parcel. If you would like to find out if you qualify for a free food parcel and where to go, please see the guidelines here:

    Giving Help – If you would like to donate items for our local Foodbank then do check out the list of items they are in need of. These items can be donated at a local supermarket

    Individual Help – Practical or Prayerful

    If you need any practical help because you are unable to leave your house, would like us to pray for you or someone else or would appreciate a friendly phone call then please fill in the form below detailing how we can help you.

    Someone will get back to you as soon as practically possible and we would aim to help you as soon as we can, depending on how many people are needing help at any one time!

  • Sunday Night – Oakhall Church Live.

    This Sunday evening at 6pm we are going live using “Zoom”: a great approach to meeting online!

    How do I get to join in?
    1) At about 5:50pm on Sunday, click this link:
    2) If you’ve not used “Zoom” before it will install to your mobile or computer. When asked, give it permission to use your video and audio!
    3) Using the icons in the top right corner of your screen, choose, “speaker view”.
    4) You will now be able to see others in the church and they will be able to see you…
    5) At 6pm we will share a meeting with music, Bible study and prayer… 

    What if someone has no computer or Smartphone?
    If you are in touch with a friend who doesn’t have a computer or smartphone, ask them to dial this number: 
    0208 0806592

    when prompted they can enter our meeting code: 

    This will allow them to hear the event live along with the rest of us.

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Hear the PM, talk to the King
  • A message of encouragement – 2020-03-24
  • Support for Families

    Our daily routines in our families are changing dramatically. Our childrens’ expectations are having to be rethought and that can be hard for them to understand. How can we as parents help them and ourselves through this challenging time?

    We need to ground ourselves in God’s Word first and foremost. We are weak but He is strong and we can face each day together in His strength.


    We want to enable families to engage together in church so please feel free to use the resources to help you engage in the talk and suggestions for family prayer times and crafts and activities during the week so that together as a family you can all connect with God’s Word and relate it to our lives each week. Two big questions we can ask at the end of each session are:

    a. What have I learnt about God today?

    b. What difference is this going to make to me this week?

    EVERY DAY – Family times in God’s Word


    1. jellytelly 5 minute family devotional in youtube



    4. Bible app for kids – free and interactive – great for use on a tablet. Our kids love this!

    Android –

    Apple –

    5.Here’s a link to some materials that might be useful for you to use at home leading up to Easter:




    Tabletalk – for younger families

    Everything a child should know about God

    Devotional Dippers

    Wise Up – 10 minute family devotionals in Proverbs

    Thoughts to make your heart sing’

    Long Story Short by Marty Machowski