Oakhall Cafes

We love running these Oakhall Cafés.  Each event is unique but the informal style, the welcoming atmosphere, engaging conversation and good refreshments make each one memorable and meaningful.

What happens at an “Oakhall Café”?

Coffee & Conversation

The first thing you’ll notice as you enter is a warm welcome from our team. Feel free to grab a tea or coffee on your way into the hall. There will be a  buzz of conversation and tables will fill the hall with flowers and refreshments.

Guests & Stories

To start our event, someone from the main stage will welcome everyone and introduce our guest who takes their seat. The event is an interview style with the guest sharing their true story. We also have live music with another special guest. The whole programme lasts an hour and more coffee is served at the end.


The purpose of these café events is to cover relevant and real issues that we all face, its an informal way to discuss these issues and stories that we share. We hope that all who come feel that it fuels further thought and conversation about some of those important big themes that we sometimes leave untouched in everyday conversation.

Our next café…

“This world: why so broken?” – Michael Ots

A special guest event live with Oakhall Church, Sunday 14th June 2020 11am. Welcome! oakhallchurch.org.uk/5

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