On our last day of this prayer plan let’s commit the building of 181 Chaldon Road into God’s hands. Let’s continue to pray on that we would use it as an amazing resource but we would be defined by Christ.

5 for 50 Day 50!

Take 5  minutes today to pray for the people who will come to Oakhall Church for the first time in the next few months. Pray that they would feel welcomed here and that our church is a place where they feel they can grow, learn more about Jesus and be […]

5 for 50 Day 46

Pray that the opportunities we get to share our testimony with Christians and non-christians would sdpeak of God’s work in our lives. Pray also for the Real Lives week in the new year that those testimonies would build up and encourage each other.

5 for 50 Day 45

Pray for the Children’s work team that as they continue to teach the children about Jesus that they would find the new church building a great resource to use to encourage more children to come to the groups.

5 for 50 Day 44

Today we are praying for personal witnesses as individuals in the Oakhall Church family. That whenever we have the opportunity we would be sharing the good news of Jesus with those who don’t yet know it.

5 for 50 Day 41