What’s in a name ?

NEW NAME ?What’s in a name ? Urban Saints , Crusaders , Covenanters , OHYG Jnr ? We  are obviously part of the Urban Saints movement but we want to  know what you want our group to be called.

Some of our members would like a more dynamic or relevent name for our group, so who are we to close that door!

So here it is , your chance to have a long-term effect on your group. We will be running a competition to find a possible new name ,tag, title or whatever else you would like to call it for our Urban Saints group. We would like it to be relevant , fun or catchy , a group that you would want to come and be part of.

What’s the prize apart from the honour of having your winning entry as our name ? Win it and find out !!!

Closing date for entries 1st December.


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