What’s Happening on the AON Site at Garrod House in Chaldon Road?!

There seems to be a fair amount of action on the AON site – here’s what’s going on at the moment…


Ground Survey at the AON site last weekWe continue to prepare our Oakhall Church Building planning application. We hope to submit this to Tandridge Council in the next few days.

To prepare for this, we need to know more about the soil, the composition of the present building and the ecology of the site so that we don’t disturb our precious Caterham wildlife. We have a number of different teams preparing these surveys so that the council can have all of the information they need to quickly give us the planning permission necessary progress the project further.

Here’s a picture the ground survey team making holes last week…



We are regularly cutting grass, fixing fences and cutting hedges to try to keep the grounds well maintained. You will occasionally see teams with strimmers, or other garden machinery in the gardens of the building. Where neighbours are requesting it, we are cutting overhanging trees to try to make the AON site as pleasant a neighbour as possible during this “waiting time” as we again seek planning permission from the council.



Berkeley Homes (building the Oakgrove development) are storing bricks on the AON site for the next six months. During the day, a few trucks are coming to deliver bricks and smaller vehicles are collecting them. All of these bricks are being used for the Oakgrove development.


We hope that very soon we will be able to apply for planning and then, with that permission granted, we will be able to replace the present large building with a more attractive and fitting building for the neighbourhood – and an ideal home for the Oakhall Church.

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