Oakhall Church Opening Week – Welcome!

From the 4th to the 10th February, we have a series of events – a big housewarming – as we welcome Caterham into our new home.

You are invited. Your friends are too…

Our programme is an exciting one. Click on the links for more info about each one.

Monday 4th Feb: Oakhall Church Story – 125 years in Caterham! www.OakhallChurch.org.uk/04-Story

Wednesday 6th Feb: from Religion to Faith – Phil Vellacott’s story www.OakhallChurch.org.uk/06-Phil

Thursday 7th Feb: Jazz Evening – Andrew McKenna’s story www.OakhallChurch.org.uk/07-Andrew

Thursday 7th Feb: Over 60s afternoon tea – a refreshing moment to enjoy the new building www.OakhallChurch.org.uk/07-tea

Friday 8th Feb: from Despair to Life – Pete Sampey’s story www.OakhallChurch.org.uk/08-Pete

Saturday 9th Feb: from Brokenness to Love – Catriona and Charlie’s story www.OakhallChurch.org.uk/09-CC

Sunday 10th Feb: from Addiction to Freedom – Justyn Rees Larcombe’s story www.OakhallChurch.org.uk/10-Justyn

Or come and look around the building and have a coffee with us any time between 9am-3pm on 6th-9th Feb where there will be someone to give you a guided tour.

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