Oakhall Church Building Bulletin 2nd June 2013

Many of us haven’t realised just how large the plot of land around our future building is.  Here is a graphical summary of the recent survey that shows just how spacious the plot is. We praise God for this provision!


Here is John Martyn with this week’s prayer points:

Right now we should be praying for God’s guidance for Pete Thompson as he seeks to obtain an unconditional offer on the Oaks – free of complication and at a fair price.

“Also that Pete will be able to obtain the surveyor’s report to satisfy the Charity Commission requirements.

“Beyond that we need to pray to know just the right time to make the professional appointments and that we are ready to brief them in an effective way.”

We pray on that the way that we approach this project and the way that we use the resulting building will all bring honour to the Name of Jesus here in Caterham!


Please click here for a printable bulletin: Oak Hall Church Building Bulletin – June 02 2013

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