Next Steps at Francis Road

Isn’t it great to be at 181 Chaldon Road?! This new building is a tool that is facilitating many opportunities to share the Message of Jesus in our town.

We are thankful too for the way that Francis Road has been such an excellent base for us since 1894. The present building in Francis Road was built by the church family with such loving care in the seventies and has served us well. We are sure that those who built it would be delighted that the building in Francis Road has become too small for Oakhall Church!

With our new building in Chaldon Road becoming used more and more, the next steps for Francis Road are also coming into perspective.

The elders and trustees have decided that we should look to lease out the building in Francis Road for a ten year period. This would mean that with very little investment, the church would receive a useful income that can be used to further other church projects. The long-term lease will be designed so that the tenants will take care of the building allowing us to concentrate on other things.

A group called Aurora who provide support to small groups of special needs children would like to lease the building and we have been in conversation with them for a number of months. They would like to adapt the building slightly on the outside by covering in the area between the entrance and the external door to the back hall. Internally, they would like to make the building into three classrooms by adding a partition through the main hall.

Below are their plans. (Please click on image for more detail).

To make these relatively small changes, Aurora of course need to obtain planning permission. Their planning permission was received by Tandridge on 1st August and letters from the council to neighbours arrived soon after this.

A link to the application on the Tandridge planning portal is here:

We have sent a letter to all in Francis Road and William Road, as well as those in Livingstone Road who are adjacent to our site to share these plans. The letter that we have sent is here (click on image to read the whole letter).

We will keep you posted as we continue. If God wants to provide for the church through a long-term lease from Aurora, He will allow the planning to go through! If He has other plans, He will direct accordingly.

We pray on together about all these things!

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