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We are delighted to announce that last night, the Tandridge Planning Committee chose to permit Oakhall Church to build a new building on the brown-field AON site.

After 35 years of prayerfully seeking an ideal site, it seems as though we are getting closer to seeing a new home for Oakhall Church built in Caterham!

Many of us had spent the day – and the months prior to this – in prayer. We see this as a wonderful answer!

We want this new building to be a place that brings benefit to the whole of Caterham and beyond. Most of all, we continue to pray that it will be a place where many hear about Jesus Christ and the hope and life He waits to give to those who trust in Him.

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One thought on “Permission for Oak Hall Church New Building Granted!

  • Graham S Smith

    Is it true that the construction of your new church is delayed because of slow worm hibernation? I’m sure it is, because David, who I frequently ‘bump into’ on my daily ‘promenade’ down Buxton Lane, so advised.