A New Building for Oakhall Church 2

This is the design of the new Oakhall Church building in Chaldon Road.

We hope that the planners will agree that it brings great refreshment and many amenities to a currently derelict site.

Over the next few days, booklets about the new building and our intentions for it will be delivered to every home in Caterham.

We hope that soon we will be welcoming Caterham in through these doors!

Feel free to share these images and leave any comments below…


Looking up Chaldon Road towards the Clifton Arms site:


Aerial view point from in front of Clifton Hill School, Chaldon Road.

Garrod House - AFTER (1)

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2 thoughts on “A New Building for Oakhall Church

  • Sue Stacey

    Hello,do you have a time schedule for the demolition of the Garrod House building? I am assuming this month. As I live opposite, it would be helpful if I knew, I would not be putting washing out when going off to work for the day.Thank you.

    • Oakhall Church Post author

      Hi Sue,

      Thank you for your message.

      Yes, the demolition is due to take 10 weeks. The first week has passed and there are nine to go.

      For the next week or so, the team will continue to strip out the interior of the building. This should not generate too much dust.

      After this, they will begin to demolish the shell of the building beginning with the side adjacent to Chaldon Road.

      The team have set up water supplies all over the site with the intention of sprinkling water on any dust-generating activities to reduce the effect in our neighbours.

      Thank you for bearing with us as we try to make this transition from derelict building to welcoming church building as easy as possible on our neighbours.

      Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

      Warm greetings from all at Oakhall,

      – Andy