An international time of prayer at the new church building site!

img_0486-for-webLast weekend, many of us went to the site of the new church building and we prayed together.

It was wonderful to stand on the site, realise again its vast potential and pray for God’s ongoing leading and blessing on the project.


Prayer from Paris…

As well as praying in Caterham, on the outskirts of Paris, Chris Short was praying with us too…

“Dear everybody, Just read the communiqué as regard the visit of the site on Sunday for the Church.
Just to let you know that you have a brother over in France who is praying for this, – Chris”

…and from New Zealand!

Meanwhile, Ian and Jacqui were praying at the exact time we were meeting – from New Zealand: after midnight on their side of the world! They wrote some of what they were praying…

“We ask that You will bless this new building project to provide activities for the Oakhall Church Family and the families in the community that will promote spiritual growth, development, relaxation and enjoyment. Please provide all of the wisdom, finances, and resources that the church of Oakhall can use to further the work of Your Kingdom….”

We pray on together and look forward to seeing how God will lead us forward for the glory of the Lord Jesus in our community!

Here are some pictures from this historic day…
img_0483-for-web img_0482-for-web img_0478-for-web img_0477-for-web img_0473-for-web img_0471-for-web img_0468-for-web img_0487-for-web img_0464-for-web


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