Meeting to see the new Oakhall Church building plans

Our Architect shares the designs-so-far…

On Monday evening (21st July 2014) scores of “Oakhall-ers” packed into our current building in Francis Road to listen to a presentation from the architect of the “designs-so-far” for our new church building. There was a great sense of enthusiasm with some of us arriving half an hour early to ensure a seat!

With a “fly-through” of the new building presented in 3D as well as the elevations and plans, we could even better envisage Oakhall Church using the Garrod site to serve our town of Caterham.

After the architect’s presentation, many asked questions and made useful suggestions regarding the design and its continued development.


…and a meeting for neighbours

The next day, Tuesday, we had a “drop in” for neighbours who would like to see the design.  Again, there was an overwhelming mood of support for the project,

“We just hope that this time those who make planning decisions realise how positive the neighbourhood is about Oakhall Church using this site…”

We are very grateful for the consistent support we experience from Caterham and pray on that this building would be a tool used by the church to bring blessing to our town.

2014-07-21 20.10.03





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