Czech Band staying at Oakhall Church June 22-28!

We are looking forward to welcoming 45 Czech students to Oakhall Church this month! Driving in a coach from the Czech Republic, they will be staying in the church building from Saturday 22nd June to Friday 28th.

The group are mainly teenagers. The tour is part of a project run across central Europe called, “Fusion” by “Josiah Venture”. They invite teenagers to meet regularly through the year to play music together, develop their musicianship and hear about Jesus. At the end of the school year, they head away on a tour to play their music.

This year, they are coming to Caterham!

Our connection with Fusion is through one of the Serbia Bible School graduates.

All of the Czech team and a handful of the students are followers of Jesus and – through sharing their lives and sharing the Message of Jesus regularly through their year of preparations for this tour – their prayer is that each of them will hear clearly about God’s grace.

The style of music that they play is contemporary pop/ rock. During their stay with us, they will play music for us on the first Sunday morning, on Monday we will have the opportunity to share meals with them in our homes (there will be an opportunity to sign up by email) and on their last evening with us they will host a “Czech night” in the new church building.

The band will play in a number of local schools while they stay with us and on Tuesday they will explore the tourist sights of the centre of London. 

After they leave on Friday, they will travel to Liverpool where another church is partnering with them.

It will be fun to share this week with them, learn more about Czech culture and most of all, we pray that we will see some of them meet Jesus even while they share these days with us.

Here’s an overview of the programme while they are with us:

Saturday 22nd June – 7:30pm – Czech coach arrives in Caterham

Sunday 23rd June – Music in the morning meeting from the Czech band

– evening: youth group and students to Andy and Faye’s for evening stew

Monday 24th June – day: playing in local schools

– 6pm – pickup from 181 for evening meals in Caterham homes

– evening in Caterham homes

Tuesday 25th June – Czech group visit London

Wednesday 26th June – day: playing in local schools

– evening relax at 181

Thursday 27th June – day: playing in local schools

– 7pm Czech evening 

Friday 28th June –  morning depart for Liverpool

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