Oakhall Church – New Building Bulletin June 2016 1

hands for church bulletinWe continue to pray and work towards a new building for Oakhall Church – our prayer: that through our use of this tool, many will hear about the life-changing love of Jesus while many others grow in Him…


An enormous amount of work continues behind the scenes.

Last week the analysis of the tenders were completed.
As the price of the tenders is higher than we had been informed they would be, we are now entering negotiations to reduce the cost without reducing the quality or effectiveness of the building.

  • please pray for these negotiations led by Paul Bowker;
  • please pray that the price can be nailed down quickly so that we can proceed.


The “Oaks Christian Trust” plans to make a gift towards the new church building from the sale of “The Oaks” (our youth centre in Caterham Valley). This will cover a large proportion of the cost of the project.

Developers plan to buy “The Oaks” when planning permission is granted but they are having difficulty obtaining this. (This indicates again how remarkable it is that we have planning permission for our new church building!) The team are looking at other ways that this gap in funding can be bridged temporarily.

  • please pray that when building on the new site is ready to begin, it will not be delayed by funding.


We as a church are giving generously to this project. Thank you for your part as we pray and give. We praise God together and look to Him as we press forward!


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One thought on “Oakhall Church – New Building Bulletin June 2016

  • Mervyn Roberts

    I’m sending this to you all at Oak Hall church. I’ve found my way to your website as I’m a supporter of and visitor to Serbia and know Andy quite well (what a guy!).

    Seeing this new project you have, I just wished to give you encouragement from a church that has gone through the new building process and been mightily blessed.

    We are an evangelical Anglican church in a village on the outskirts of Taunton. In the past this church was an ageing community but through God’s blessing of the ministry of a previous vicar and our present one and the touch of the Holy Spirit the church has expanded in many ways. Part of our vision as a church over a number of years was the replacement of our church rooms, which were housed in a dilapidated Victorian building. Amazingly in the world’s sight, though not in God’s, a new building has come about at a cost of over £1 million. It provides for space for Youth and Children’s work, all kinds of activities for the village as well as offices and a Café opening 6 days a week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This provides a real heart for the village.

    This is a link to our church community centre: http://trullchurch.org.uk/tccc/ and our church website: http://trullchurch.org.uk

    Be encouraged. There were many folk, especially unchurched people in the village who didn’t think we’d make it. The appeal was first to our church members and half the money came in. We then were able to tap into grants and to go out to the village to show what a facility it would be for them. Back for another appeal to church members and we were virtually there. In fact the appearance of the Community Centre really got people talking – how could this come about and so there was an opening to talk of God’s goodness and provision.

    I hope this is of help.

    Your in Christ,