Building Bulletin – 7th July 2013

France-demolition-1French Inspiration!

Our friends Chris and Geneviève and the growing church around them in Pontault on the edge of Paris have prayed for and been working towards a new building to use to reach their community.  Doors have been closed, processes have seemed to slow but they have prayed on…

Finally in the last few weeks, with all permissions granted, they began to adapt the old warehouse that they had set their hearts on.

We asked Chris about our project and his message to us was,

“Go for it!”


Visiting Pontault Last weekend, Dave, Jan and family visited the church in Potault – here’s Dave:

“It was encouraging to see God working in that town – so many people are being reached through the church in Pontault.  It was motivating to see God in action – we visited the initial stages of the building – it is going to give them so much more capacity to work at centre of that town community.  It inspired us to see our own building  finished and used to continue to reach Caterham!”


This week, please pray for Pete Thompson in his strategic work with managing the great interest in the Oaks – more about this in the next bulletin!

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