Building Bulletin 14th July 2013

architectural_drawingsWe continue to pray that our new building will be a tool to use in even more evangelism, discipleship and fellowship as we fulfil God’s purpose as a part of His church…

“The Oaks” – part of God’s provision

Pete Thompson continues to work hard on our behalf to get the best value from “The Oaks”.   He has contacted a number of developers who are working on schemes for the site. Their offers will be made by the end of this month.

Budgeting together

The budget for our building is envisaged to be:

  •  “The Oaks” value
  • plus our current building fund savings
  • plus our target for further sacrificial giving of £1million

A number of us some years back pledged gifts towards the project: some were given at the time, some are poised ready to give now.  We praise God for this!  Any gifts for the new building can be given in the normal ways – just explain what the gift is for.

Next Steps

Once the potential of “The Oaks” is clear, professional drawings will be developed and a planning consultant will help us prepare a planning application.  This process will take 9-12 months.  Following a successful application, we will sell “The Oaks” and seek tenders from building contractors.

We pray on!

…for Caterham, for our church community and for Pete Thompson and John Martyn as they serve with the Buildings Teams.


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