Andy J

As we continue our studies on and journey towards “Becoming like Jesus” our focus on Sunday evening was “JOY”. To download this week’s study sheet #4 on the same theme click here: OH SG 9.2.2014 PEACE

SMALL GROUP SHEET w/c 9.2.2014

This week’s Bible study is part 2 of “Becoming more  like Jesus”. Our focus is on the first fruit of the Spirit: LOVE, as we continue reflecting on and applying the teaching we received on Sunday evening through Chris Wright (DVD). You can find this week’s study sheet here: OH […]

SMALL GROUP SHEET w/c 19.1.2014

This week in our Small Groups we start our new series of studies, “9 a day”, with the goal of becoming more like Jesus! The Small Group study sheets will help us reflect on and apply the teaching we receive on the Sunday evenings through the DVD presentations. To download […]

SMALL GROUP SHEET w/c 12.1.2014