Monthly archives: March 2020

Welcome to our first “online service”. This is an experimental format and we would value your feedback! And we are working on ways to connect and keep building our family and supporting each other. If you have any news or needs please email or phone the office. How to use […]

Our First “online service”

Our daily routines in our families are changing dramatically. Our childrens’ expectations are having to be rethought and that can be hard for them to understand. How can we as parents help them and ourselves through this challenging time? We need to ground ourselves in God’s Word first and foremost. […]

Support for Families

Yesterday the Government introduced further advice on social distancing.  In it they advised that we avoid gatherings in large or small groups.  They also advised that we avoid gatherings with friends and family, and that we keep in touch using remote technology such as phone, internet, and social media rather […]

Update 2020 March 17